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Useful information about ammonia poisoning. (Source.)


Friends, I need advice. Long story after the break.

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Justice for Vader


On February 20th, 2014, a domesticated fox named Vader was taken from his home after an anonymous person reported being bitten by him. Without investigating the claim, officers seized Vader without a warrant. The officer who grabbed him was not trained to handle…



For those of you wishing to try and help with our current predicament, the state Board of Animal Health will be evaluating the handling of the situation on the cop’s part. They will be deciding if Vader is a danger or not. I have explained about a million times how important it is to never grab at or corner a fox. The police officer was warned of this, but disregarded it. The phone number and email address for the SBAH are listed below. If you wish to email or call them and tell them foxes are not a danger to society and that you have never seen him show any signs of aggression. It’s a long shot, and all depends on how the cop decides to spin his story- but it’s worth a try.
Phone: (701) 328-2655
Email address:

If you aren’t aware of this ongoing situation, Vader the fox was taken by animal control officers yesterday after a report was called in claiming they were bitten by him. It is very likely that this report is entirely false. Animal control officers showed up to the house to take Vader, and despite warnings not to grab a terrified, cornered fox, the officer grabbed him by the neck and was bitten.

Please take a few minutes to call or email the Board of Animal Health. When talking to him, make sure you include these key notes:

  • Vader’s owners are very compassionate, responsible, and knowledgeable about proper fox care and handling
  • The report is most likely false
  • Vader has never been taken out to the city
  • The animal control officer was warned to not grab a cornered fox
  • The animal control officer, instead of stepping back and evaluating the situation, decided to grab a frightened animal with his bare hands
  • Vader’s reaction was based on fear, not aggression, and the bite could have been entirely avoided
  • Vader is not aggressive
  • Foxes are not a danger to society

Please help save Vader. A concrete cell is no place for an innocent fox to be.

EDIT: Please send your emails to The ND Department of Health: and The Minot Police Department:  

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so we have a plasma tank at one of the nursing homes that’s 72 x 6 x I think 36 or something close to that, I didn’t take exact measurements, but it definitely is narrow. right now it’s only stocked with some small schools of zebra danio, cardinal and silvertip tetra, i think maybe some rummy nose…


Contact Animal Planet to Change ‘Tanked’



I recently (as in today) sent a letter into Animal Planet urging them to take action against the show Tanked. The cast on the show really have no knowledge of many of the species they…


Koi | Cyprinus carpio

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Oscar | Astronotus ocellatus
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Unfortunately I don’t have the power to stop people from reblogging the post regarding Jessica Brain, but please, for the love of everything, do not file anymore reports to the RSPCA. They have already carried out an investigation and found that it most likely was apple juice in the Malibu bottle….


Celestial Pearl Danio | Danio margaritatus 
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